Who am I?

I’m craft-focused, obsessed with rethinking traditional methods.

I’m not either/or.

Book design and text go hand in hand, from structure to content and beyond. I see process as physical, even when the material is cerebral.

I’ve been a book artist since 2005, and a college educator since 2013. I studied writing and book arts at the University of Alabama, where I earned my (double) MFA, and now live in Cambridge, MA—but I have a lot of love for my Baltimore hometown.

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What am I up to?

My full-length poetry manuscript, Wendy Wendy Wendy, was a 2018 finalist for the University of Akron Book Prize (!)

I just sent my book sculpture Susurrus off to Denver, CO for the juried exhibition The Art of the Fold.

I will be teaching a writing and linoleum carving workshop at the esteemed Morgan Conservatory in Cleveland, OH in August 2019.

Find my chapbook, None of Us Know Any Stories, at dancing girl press.

On my mind right now: how paper holds memories, texture, and light; where to put my car without getting towed; dreaming of my own board shear; making community.


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