This book tackles the emotional and impersonal sides of uterine surgery, and attempts to bring beauty to a terrifying, yet normalized approach to the female body. 

I wrote and designed this book after a dilation and curettage, a blood transfusion, and a myomectomy in 2014.

Letterpress printed on raw cotton and abaca paper hand made by the artist. Structure: accordion made from sheets shaped on the mold; it unfolds to 23" x5." The accordion sheet was manipulated from double-couched sheets to have thin and thick panels, in which thin areas that shape abstract labia visible when the accordion is held to the light.

Poetry by Emma Sovich is on one side, a surgery transcription and MRA imagery are on the other side. Imagery is drawn from MRAs and the artist's painting of a fibroid. Cased in a portfolio with printed-on flaps that are also of the same handmade paper, but a thicker weight.

Edition size: 23