LadyBody: A Micro-Anthology of Vibrator-Friendly Poetry collects poems from 17 poets who responded to a call for “poems intended to be read with easy access to a vibrator.” Not necessarily erotica, these poems are wild and classy, tongue-in-cheek, thrilling, loud, delicate, uproarious. They celebrate lady bodies and lady minds.

June 2014 - July 2015 was the year of my “Great Uterine Rebellion.” My uterus had a submucosal fibroid that interfered with my cycles. I ended up in the emergency room for a blood transfusion. Doctors inundated me with hormone treatments; I had four surgeries, a second ER visit, a second blood transfusion. I was sick of hating my body. I made this book to curate positivity.

Letterpress printed on a Vandercook 4 at the University of Alabama. Edition of 50;  handmade box and vibrator available special order.