BWR Radio

And really this is all I ever need.

Tomatoes -- mostly Roma, some Sungold -- from the garden, lightly sauteed with basil from the garden and garlic. Doesn't even need cheese.

In other news, boyfriend visited, and now my computer is both Jeckyll and Hyde: he kindly partitioned the hard drive with BootCamp and installed Windows so we can play all of the games together long distance. This bodes poorly for my writing. I might have to learn a thing or two from Oliu and put all the forthcoming "research" to good use.

The lovely dog remains, which is nice, because boyfriend left.  She's getting along famously with the cats, which is surprising only because the cats aren't fond of dogs other than Harvey (my roommate's dog).

OH, and Laura and I did a joint Black Warrior Radio show today. Catch one of us next week 12-2 as usual!

BWR Radio

Listen to me live on the radio from noon to 2pm central time!

You can listen from the internet, but if you're local to Tuscaloosa, AL tune in to wvuafm 90.7 The Capstone.

Mostly it is music, like Joan Osborne (oh throaty Joan Osborne) and Robyn and musicals.

Occasionally I tell you what music will play and what just played and why I liked it.

At some point themuppetface and any other DJs we collect and I will incorporate something slightly more related to BWR.

Requests?  Leave a comment, and I'll try to acquire the song in the next two weeks.  Be sure to listen next week when themuppetface has the reins. Cords. Mixer?  You know.