Recent Publications


Three Poems

Crazyhorse, Vol 93

“It doesn’t hurt to be a girl I’m told”

Tip within feels boyish to match without / but otherwise. These folk say doesn’t hurt / to be a girl. Better girl crowned emeralds. / The girls Tip’s met prepostured. Weaponized

Five Poems

Denver Quarterly, Vol 51 No 3

“Kin spent patching her middle”

round a band

silk pop of color silk

tongue a slick animal

curled in her tail

its flesh to her flesh.

Pressure on a needle to spine


One Poem

Crab Orchard Review, Vol 21 No 2

“Pygmalion Family Portrait”

The boy has never seen so much blood. / Never blood on his mother. / Never on his knees or palms. Just bruises, pthalo blue, / a color his father would point out in the night sky after a storm. / Bruises that float / just under the cool surface of skin or white stone.