Uterus is a book womb.

It houses a Mirena IUD my own uterus rejected. A book can hold our waste as well as our hopes. A book is a vessel.

I built this book womb in 2014 after my body expelled the IUD intended to help prevent my anatomical uterus from bleeding me out, again. I pulled the IUD from the medical waste receptacle when my gynecologist was out of the room. I paid an $80 copay for it; it was mine even if part of me did not want it.

Sometimes when faced with disappointment, I need to create something beautiful to contain the disappointment and all its attendant emotions.

The IUD is protected behind a mylar sheet, because it was designed to release hormones slowly into the body over five years, and I have no idea whether it is still functional outside of the body.

Materials include book board, cardstock, fine marbled paper, book cloth, and mylar.

Edition size: 1