Wendy Rebinding Wendy

Wendy Rebinding Wendy is a book of poetry that layers four loose narratives in a story that shifts and changes, that builds on itself even as it contradicts itself. The book is the main character; she is also Kin, both Wendy and Peter from Peter Pan, and a reluctant architect of herself.

The book opens four different ways; it is comprised of four joined textblocks to guide the reader through the four discrete yet connected sections. No one opening is prioritized; no one narrative is first or last.

The book's structure is an adaptation of a 16th-century German Protestant book, a backless vexierbücher that opens six different ways, held in the Swedish National Library. Similar books contained as many as eight or as few as four texts stacked within two covers.

The imagery is letterpress printed from photopolymer plates based on photolithographic prints made by the artist. The text is also printed from photopolymer plates. The book is housed in a chitsu box with a hand-shaped bone clasp.

2015. Letterpress printed on a Vandercook 4 Proof Press. Text paper handmade of abaca, raw cotton, and flax in the Lost Arch Papermill at the University of Alabama. Edition of 50. $665